ADVANCED CHILDE GUIDE (HUGE CRITS) - Best Tartaglia Build & Showcase | Genshin Impact

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Childe is an amazing 5-star who can fit many roles. He is great at being an enabler for other units (applying hydro very fast), but can also DPS and Burst Support efficiently. Gonna cover everything you need to know in this COMPLETE Guide (artifacts, weapons, teams, constellations & showcase).
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750k crit highest so far !
viridescent hunt is insane pls believe
ty for likes & subs i appreciate it

Initial Info (0:00)
Talents & Mechanics [How to play] (0:33)
Artifact Sets (4:33)
Artifact Stats (6:17)
Weapons (7:39)
Constellations [Very Misunderstood] (11:33)
Team Comps (14:11)
DPS Showcase [Floor 12 & 1-Shotting Bosses] (17:58)
Overall Info (20:52)

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