CoC Purifying Flame Inquisitor Build Guide ~ Ultimatum PoE 3.14

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This character has done quite well for me off league start cleaning through the endgame content. I decided not to min-max the character as it already was able to do hard endgame content and I would rather save currency for the next build which will be an Atziri's Reign build. I tried to include suggestions for gear upgrades you can make if you wish to min-max the build past the initial budget variation I have for it here.


Main Expenses for build : Doryani Timeless Jewel / Xoph's Blood / Vulconous

Watchers Eye Mods I forgot to mention:
* Life regen vitality
*Precision Attack speed
*precision Crit multi
*vitality Leech(if no doryani cluster notable)
*vitality life recovery

General Gear Tips:
*Accuracy Rating on 2 items is recommended you want to be around 3k accuracy at minimum
*Getting flat strength/Int is great to get additional crit chance if it is to the lower of the two stats

Leveling Tips:
*Play Self Cast Until Merc Lab(need crit from merciless lab to play CoC)
*Don't Use RF until you have Cruel Lab, Oak and Capped Fire Res
*Make sure to fix bad gem links in Act 6 where you can buy any gem/support
*Buy a lvl 21 purifying flame to equip at lvl 72(will be big damage boost) if the gem is cheap
*6L ambus is a great early chest and should be cheap, go for 5L if you can't afford the 6L

Bandits: Help Alira
Pantheon: Solaris / Ralakesh

Gem Links:
*Cyclone-Cast on Crit-Purifying Flame-Inspiration- Ele Focus - Fire Pen
*Arrogance - Vitality - Precision
*Shield Charge - Fortify Faster Attacks
*Arcanist Brand - Wave of Conviction - Combustion - Assassins Mark
*Flame Dash - Low Level Arcane Surge
*UNLINKED: Purity of Fire/Herald of Ash/Portal/Frost Shield/Petrified Blood/Righteous Fire/Portal

Streaming Sometimes, good place to ask me questions about builds or PoE concepts or leave a comment and I'll try and respond.

0:00 Introduction
1:07 In Game Gear Overview
10:25 Passive Tree Jewel Recommendations
11:50 Glorious Vanity why its good
13:05 Cluster Jewels(these are not necessary / Non cluster jewel PoB tree included)
14:40 Passive Tree Overview
15:03 Ascendancy Node Choices
15:52 Pantheon Setup
17:10 Bandits
17:18 Flask Setups
19:29 Gem Link Setups
23:33 In Game Example on How to Run Ultimatums with this Build
26:38 Learn from my mistakes remember to get your passive points
27:24 Conclusions and Thank you for Watching!
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