Kazuha Build Comparison - Full EM vs. Ability Damage in Mono-Electro & EC | Genshin Impact 1.6

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How much of Kazuha's damage comes from his Elemental Mastery, and how much from his abilities (Attack, Anemo Damage, Crit Rate/Damage) in a Mono-Electro and Electro-Charged setup?

This video emerged as the result of personal tests aimed at figuring out how I should build my Kazuha for Keqing/Beidou and Keqing/Xingqiu specifically. I was prepared to sacrifice some of Kazuha's personal damage if it buffed my carries by a significant amount, but that was unnecessary as Kazuha doesn't even deal less damage on Full Elemental Mastery than he does on ATK/ANEMO/CRIT.

00:00 Intro
01:04 Team Setups & Kazuha Builds
01:59 Low EM Mono-Electro
04:13 Full EM Mono-Electro
05:15 Kazuha A4 Buff Comparison
06:47 Low EM Electro-Charged (Hydro-Electro)
08:53 Full EM Electro-Charged (Hydro-Electro)
10:25 Summary
10:55 Limitations
12:55 Closing Remarks

Kazuha Build 1:
Iron Sting R1
4 piece Viridescent Venerer
961 EM ( Elemental DMG buff)

Kazuha Build 2:
Lion's Roar R3
4 piece Viridescent Venerer
215 EM ( Elemental DMG buff)

I do not claim that Full EM Kazuha is always better and in every team composition, and personally I'm more a fan of big green numbers, but the EM buffs and Kazuha's Elemental DMG buffs are very noticeable, to say the least.

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