POE 3.14 Builds - ARC WITCH BUILD - Ultimatum League Starter Guide - Part 2

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One of the BEST League Starter builds for Path of Exile Ultimatum is the famous ARC In this Part 2 of the PoE Beginners Guide, we are expanding into the actual build of the Arc Witch Build for Ultimatum League, where I'll show you the Passive Skills, my basic gem setup, support gems, and the Arc skill gameplay in action!

While I haven't reached the end-game of POE just yet, my Arc Witch is well on her way and a major part of the Passive Skills has already been picked, as I'll happily walk you through in this

Ultimatum League challenges are quite awesome too, and I'll demonstrate how the PoE Arc Witch League Starter Build is performing in some of those as well, saving the details and Ultimatum Challenge guide for a later video.

???? Table of Contents

00:00 - Intro
01:45 - ARC and Support
04:07 - Passive Skills
05:27 - Frozen Pulse
06:10 - Passives Cont.
12:04 - Final Thoughts

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