RED'S RANK 1 BEST ONI BUILD - Dead by Daylight

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Dead by Daylight Best Oni Build. 30 days of Oni Day 30! I have put in a ton of time into this killer and would state he is one of my best when it comes to taking on higher tiers of players and this build is what i use to take on some of the better Swf teams in dbd! It's a long video but i hope it shows the real power of this build! Dead by Daylight Resident evil comes out in a week and i hope you are all ready after the dbd new killer trickster was quite the disappointment! I hope you all are ready! Sit back and enjoy some Survivor massacre! Hope the dbd, dbd mobile \ Dead by daylight mobile, and dead by daylight crossplay communities all love the survivor gameplay and Rank 1 Oni Gameplay!

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0:00 Game 1
6:49 Game 2
15:08 Game 3
28:16 Quick Build Breakdown
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