WandaVision Episode 7 Ending Explained

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The seventh episode of Marvel's WandaVision, "Breaking the Fourth Wall," somehow manages to be even more chaotic than what's come before. Here's how far we are down the WandaVision rabbit hole by the end of its seventh episode, and where it could lead us from here.

"Breaking the Fourth Wall" puts a Modern Family- and The Office-inspired spin on WandaVision — complete with candid interviews with the "cast." But behind the playfulness, there's a certain uneasiness in the air.

After last week's boundary-pushing affair, Wanda elects to engage in a "quarantine-style staycation," largely ignoring that certain pieces of furniture in her home are shifting from era to era. Also, Wanda's telepathic son Billy is having problems with his mind — he says it's "really noisy" in there — but she writes him off and leaves her boys with Agnes for the day, and doesn't seem all that bothered that her husband Vision is still missing.

There's a lot to make of Wanda's subdued mental break in this episode, especially in relation to her unruly surroundings. Now that the borders of her spell have expanded even further and have even been strengthened, she's pushed her reality-warping abilities harder than ever before.

One would imagine that this test of her mental limits is exhausting, and is likely causing her world to shift and change outside of her control. Not only that, but Wanda seems highly uninterested in maintaining her perfect illusion, going as far to admit to her sons that their "Uncle Pietro" wasn't actually related to them and pawning them off onto her neighbor just to get herself back in-check.

If Wanda can't get her abilities under control soon, the consequences could prove catastrophic.

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Wanda's breakdown | 0:00
Project Cataract | 1:49
Vision and Darcy's road trip | 3:05
Monica's powers awaken | 4:13
Agatha All Along? | 5:19
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Enter Immortus? | 7:35

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